I’m Carlanie. The 21st Century Scholar program introduced me to amazing opportunities.

High School: Hammond

I’m Carlanie. Being a 21st Century Scholar has had a major impact on my life.

Participating in 21st Century Scholars activities from 8th grade until my senior year introduced me to a lot of amazing opportunities. 21st Century Scholars made it so I didn’t have to come out of pocket to pay for school and made my intro period in college a breeze. While still in high school, being a 21st Century Scholar gave me amazing opportunities of going on college tours almost all over the world, and I even had assistance applying to colleges without me having to stress about getting the applications in on time and paying my deposits. 21st Century Scholars is an amazing program for any upcoming college students. I highly recommend it. They have many, many resources such as group or 1-on-1 tutoring and a support team to help with things such as home sickness and even counseling through mental health struggles. 21st Century Scholars is literally THE program to be in. I am beyond grateful that I got a chance to experience the amazing benefits that 21st Century Scholars had to offer.